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Libraries proposed realignment adds value for customers

22 June 2006

Christchurch City Libraries is proposing to realign its organisational structure to ensure it continues to deliver the people of Christchurch a first-class public library and information service.

Libraries Manager Carolyn Robertson today announced the proposal to staff, saying it was important Christchurch City Libraries added value for its customers through a more efficient and cost-effective service.

She said the proposed new structure would support both internal and external stakeholders through strategic planning, delivery of service, teamwork and strong leadership, at the same time integrating the four Banks Peninsula libraries into the structure and addressing vacancies at the senior level.

Under the Change Proposal, 16 positions would be disestablished (eight of which are currently vacant) and 15 new positions would be created. If adopted, the libraries would establish a matrix structure, with four positions responsible for the leadership and delivery of the libraries’ customer experience: Central Library Manager, two Community Library Managers and Digital Library Manager.

Three new roles would be created to deliver city-wide services and resources to Christchurch’s network of 20 libraries. These manager positions would provide leadership to the teams responsible for the delivery of Content; Places and Spaces; and Programmes, Events and Learning.

Mrs Robertson said management of the technical, infrastructure and help desk functions of the library’s digital service would transfer to the Council’s Information Management & Communications Technology shared service.

“The proposed new structure improves Christchurch City Libraries capacity and resources to deliver key strategic initiatives, such as the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan, and contribute to regional and national projects, while also fostering innovation and creativity.”

Staff submissions are open until 7 July on the proposed changes with a final decision expected to be announced late July.


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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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