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Second stage of Central City revitalisation to be shown at seminar

24 July 2006

Proposals for the next stage of Christchurch’s Central City Revitalisation Strategy will be presented to city councillors at a seminar tomorrow morning.

The strategy has been developed in response to community feedback that the city needs a vibrant and attractive central city. The aim of the strategy is to set a course to guide central city revitalisation efforts over the next 25 years.

Stage one of the revitalisation strategy was put together after public consultation in 2001 and provided direction for much of the redevelopment and project work the council has undertaken in the area. Improvements in the High Street area and the council’s purchase of the former Turners and Growths site are two of the projects to came out of stage one.

Following tomorrow’s seminar, stage two will be firmed up for consideration at a formal council meeting and, if approved, will continue the direction while filling in more of the medium- to long-term detail.  The proposed strategy has the following key priorities for the Central City:


  • Increasing the residential population
  • Growing the business and commercial sector
  • Enhancing vital public spaces
  • Redeveloping underutilised sites, and
  • Improving our transport network


In the next few weeks the council will also consider associated reports on central city issues, all elements of the Central City Revitalisation Strategy. They are on the City Mall redevelopment, the possible two-waying of Lichfield Street, a lanes development plan, a Central City South planning and design progress report and
the first report on the proposed new bus exchange project.

The proposed Central City Revitalisation Strategy Stage Two covers issues of high priority for the Council and the public, including transport and parking, improving living conditions and the environment, safety, increasing activities, heritage retention, enhancing natural element like the river and improving retail and business opportunities.

The Central City Revitalisation Strategy Stage Two document will be available to the public once it has been approved by council. Specific projects mentioned in the strategy still need to go through their own individual consultation and approval process.

● Tomorrow’s seminar, in the Council Chambers on the ground floor of the Civic Offices on Tuam Street, begins at 9.30am


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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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