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Pay-and-Display machines go live in the city

24 July 2006

Christchurch’s new Pay-and-Display parking machines start working around the city from tomorrow. It will take a week for all the new machines to be on line.

The new machines accept coins, credit cards and cell-phone TXT payments, giving drivers greater flexibility in how they can pay for their parking.

"The new machines are easy to use. You either pop your coins in or select credit card or TXT as your payment option and follow the on-screen instructions, collect your receipt and place it on the passenger-side of your dashboard," said Project Manager Neil Gillon. "The receipt also acts as proof of purchase or expenditure for businesses."

It is important that drivers remember to display the receipt (if they don’t, they may receive a $40 fine). However, if they are late in returning to their vehicle the fine is still $12 as now. Fines are set by Government legislation.

For txt or credit card payment there is a 50c surcharge - a fee charged by the administration company.

The new Pay-and-Display parking machines are easy to use, however the Council will have wardens out on the street to help anyone tentative about using the new machines. Businesses in the Central City have also been emailed instruction in case customers ask for assistance.

The replacement of the city’s parking meters was scheduled over the next six years but due to the change in coinage this was brought forward. The new machines take the new 10, 20 and 50 cent coins proposed for introduction in July. They will continue to take the old coinage until 1 November.

The new machines are solar powered and provide on-line fault diagnosis which means any machine requiring attention can be repaired within about an hour.

As well as installing the new Pay-and-Display parking machines, the Council will be installing signage to inform drivers they are in a Pay-and-Display parking area. The Council may also slightly change the location of some loading zones and bus stops to allow for a better layout on the street. Council staff are ensuring that while these changes are taking place it is clear to drivers where to park and weather to use the old parking meter or the new Pay-and-Display parking machines.

Each new machine covers about eight parking spaces so users should not normally need to walk more than four car bays to pay for their parking. This new system also means the number of parking meters on the street will be reduced from 1700 to about 400.

The new machines offer an improved service for regulating short-term parking. However, if your stay in the Central City is going to be an hour or more it may be easier to use our parking buildings, with the advantage of the first hour free at The Crossing, Lichfield, Manchester and Farmers parking buildings,

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