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Banks Peninsula local body election preliminary results

25 February 2006

Christchurch City becomes about 116,000ha (1160 sq km) larger in the next week when the Banks Peninsula District is incorporated into the city.

Electoral officer Max Robertson today announced preliminary results of polls electing a 13th city councillor and the membership of two new community boards to represent the Peninsula’s communities.

The Peninsula’s status as a separate territorial local authority has been under discussion for several years. The latest chapter began in November 2003 when a group of about 1000 Peninsula electors put a proposal to the Local Government Commission (LGC). That ultimately resulted in a reorganisation scheme which was put to the vote in November. Of those who voted, about 60 per cent were in favour of joining the city. 

The final stage of the process, and the effective joining of the two districts, comes later in the week when Mr Robertson formally declares the results of the elections for councillor and community boards.

Mr Robertson says 4012 votes were received (excluding special votes), 54.85% of those who could have taken part. He expects to formally declare the election results, after the processing and counting of special votes, by public notice in city newspapers, on Saturday 4 March.

The preliminary results of the Banks Peninsula Ward elections are (shown is the candidate's family name, given name, affiliation and votes received. Also shown are numbers of informal and blank voting papers):

COUNCILLOR, Banks Peninsula Ward (One (1) Councillor to be elected)

PARKER, Bob 2,500
UTTERIDGE, Tony (Independent)1,296


MEMBERS, Lyttelton-Mt Herbert Community Board (Five (5) Members to be elected)

REID, Claudia (Peninsula Now) 1,457
AGAR, Jeremy (Peninsula Now) 1,295
KOTTIER, Dawn Te-Riaki (Independent) 1,278
BOULD, Stuart (Peninsula Now) 1,239
JOLLIFFE, Ann (Independen)t 1,217
GRIFFEN, Lachie (Independent) 1,098
ADAMS, Raymond W (Independent) 1,048
COUCH, Douglas F H (Independent) 929
GODFREY, Euan (Independent) 737

MEMBERS, Akaroa-Wairewa Community Board (Two (2) Members to be elected)

MILLER, Stewart (Independent) 315
MORGAN, Bryan (Independent) 271
PHILLIPS, Esther (Independent) 162



1) The Akaroa-Wairewa Community Board has five members. Only two postions were at issue because Steve Lowndes, Winston McKean and Eric Ryder were last month declared elected, representing the Akaroa subdivision of the Akaroa-Wairewa Community. No election was needed because there were the same number of nominations as places available.

2) Information from the FAQ section of Local Government New Zealand’s website, at Christchurch City at present covers about 45,000ha. The same site gives the Peninsula District population as at the 2001 Census as 8874 and Christchurch’s as 324,297. Voting percentages are based on the Peninsula District having 7315 eligible electors.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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