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Last week of submissions on the Greater Christchurch UDS

12 December 2006

Submissions received to date on the draft Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS) clearly favour  setting defined limits to contain the growth of Greater Christchurch and continued collaboration between the Councils and Transit New Zealand to implement the strategy.

People have less then 10 days left to make submissions on the UDS with submissions closing on Wednesday, 20 December.

The draft UDS states how partner authorities, the Christchurch City Council, Selwyn and Waimakariri District Councils, Environment Canterbury, and Transit New Zealand propose managing the growth of Greater Christchurch over the next 35 years.

Of almost 100 submissions received by UDS partners so far,

  • about 80% said there should be defined limits to contain growth of the Christchurch urban area and district towns,
  • about 90% said it is very important that Greater Christchurch councils and Transit New Zealand continue to work together to implement the UDS, and
  • more than 60% of submitters wish to be heard in person.

UDS Forum chairman Bob Parker said that while the submissions received so far represent only a  fraction of those received in the first phase of consultation on UDS options (3250), it is clear that those submitting are still passionate about the Strategy as most wanted to be heard in person.

“We recognised at the outset that consultation on the draft Strategy between November and December was going to be difficult – given most people’s commitments at this time of year - but we have had to ensure that we meet both the Councils’ and Central Government’s budget cycles in order to successfully bid for implementation funding.
"It’s reasonable to deduce that most greater Christchurch residents feel they have told us what they want. The clear instruction is ’just get on with it’," Mr Parker says.

The draft strategy is available from all council and district council offices, libraries, and service centres. You can also view the draft UDS and background information on the site, or make an electronic submission there. The UDS Roadshow is also visiting malls around Greater Christchurch with consultation booklets and background information on the UDS.

If you live on the coast, the middle of the city, an established suburb or new subdivision or on a lifestyle block, we want to hear from you. Do your agree with the general direction of the draft UDS or prefer something completely different? Have your say on what happens in Greater Christchurch in the next 30 to 40 years.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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