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City Council approves 10-year guide for QEII Park’s future use

15 September 2005

Christchurch City Council has today approved a concept plan for QEII Park, the 48ha space in the city’s north east.

The plan sets out “envelopes of activity” for future use of the park, and aims to indicate which areas could be used for what purposes. As the Council report puts it, the plan is to “guide the sustainable usage of QEII Park by providing a means to assess future development requests and proposals”.

The plan does not timetable development or commit the Council to funding. It is expected that future developments at the park will be considered by the Council on their merits, and subject to separate decision-making before any funds are earmarked.

The draft plan was released for public comment in May. About 150 submissions were received. A special Council subcommittee, chaired by Councillor Anna Crighton, considered those submissions in July and recommended changes to the draft.

“QEII Park is a significant asset for the city, an asset which serves all of Christchurch,” Cr Crighton says. “But it is also a local park for the people who live in the area and that aspect has been carefully considered too. This plan has evolved because of the increasing pressure from various groups and organisations for space there.”

“Each of these requests had to be balanced with these pressures and the Council needed a way to compare and evaluate them in a broader context. This long-term plan allows us to do that. It will ensure QEII remains a significant metropolitan facility, the sporting and recreational jewel of Christchurch.”

● Click here to view today’s Council report on this matter

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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