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Aquatic facilities plan open for stakeholder review

20 November 2005

A draft plan detailing how Christchurch City should continue development of its network of swimming pools and associated facilities is being sent to interested groups this week, asking for their feedback.

The draft Aquatics Facilities Plan, if adopted by the Council next year, will help determine the future number and location of aquatic facilities; outline the type, size and priority order of facilities to be developed; include options for collaboration with other providers and will include plans for dealing with aging facilities.

It is being sent to several hundred groups and individuals who have expressed an interest in its development. They are being asked to provide their feedback by year’s end. These opinions will be considered in January and February and, if it makes sense, the draft will be amended and considered by the City Council around the end of February. This amended draft will then form part of the Council’s 2006-16 long-term community plan and, as such, will again be open for public input. That wider community plan is due to be finalised in late-June.

Christchurch City already has a network of aquatic facilities, Recreation Facilities Manager John Filsell told the 17 November City Council meeting which agreed the draft plan should be sent out for consultation.

“The plan shows how this network can be developed to meet current and future community demand. By identifying gaps in today’s network, the plan should ensure that, as far as possible, the city will have a relatively uniform spread of core aquatic features across the city.

“It also considers facilities that, in time, are no longer required to serve the Council’s aims. For instance, a new modern facility in an area can be expected to supplant a need to keep older outdoor pools in the area operating. In such cases, the plan recommends their closure.”

Mr Filsell says the draft plan is a long-term framework to help Council decision-making. Its adoption will not automatically mean every project it sets out will be built. Rather, each project identified will come to the Council as a specific business case to be balanced against the many other demands on ratepayer funds.

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● The draft Aquatics Facilities Plan

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