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Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy launched

16 February 2005

Residents wanting a say on what Christchurch and the surrounding communities should look and feel like in 30 years time, should pick up a copy of the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Introduction to Issues booklet as a forerunner to discussions to be held throughout Christchurch soon.

The booklets are available from any Banks Peninsula, Waimakariri or Selwyn District Council Office, any Christchurch City Council service centre, library or the Civic Offices, or Environment Canterbury office.

The booklet and the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy site were launched today to present some of the key issues that the greater Christchurch area faces in planning long-term for a predicted population growth of about 52,000 more people.

Where these people should live, work and play are issues that all local authorities in the greater Christchurch area have joined forces to address under the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy. As population grows, residential areas spread beyond the traditional city limits – making urban growth a rural dilemma.

A cross-section of representatives from other organisations – ranging from education to business – are meeting regularly to develop options for long-term planning for the city and adjacent communities. Known as the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Forum, this group is leading the project, but it seeks community input on the options to ensure its vision for Christchurch’s future matches community expectations.

"It's very important that people take time to read the Introduction to Issues booklet or visit the Greater Christchurch website for more detailed information to understand what could happen if we don't plan for population increases," says Forum chairperson and Mayor of Banks Peninsula, Bob Parker.

"Good planning needs to take into account the widest possible set of views, concerns, hopes and aspirations from across our diverse communities. Right now councils and communities have an opportunity to build on the foundations of the past, in a cooperative way, to help us develop and prioritise a framework for the future shape of the greater Christchurch area.

"What do you envisage our City and outlying areas should look like in 30 years? Your input and ideas are a vital part of this process.

Everyone will get a chance to have their say at community meetings and other events planned to get the community thinking," Mr Parker says.

Further information from Greater Christchurch team on:

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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