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Public seminar on planning issues, including high-rises, to be held on Thursday 3 March, from 5.30pm

9 February 2005

Mayor Garry Moore and City Council staff are inviting interested Christchurch residents to a public meeting on Thursday, 3 March, to provide information for about topical planning issues, including high-rise blocks in industrial zones and along the coast.

The seminar will run from 5.30pm, in the Council Chamber on the ground floor of the CCC's main offices at 163 Tuam Street.

Mr Moore will chair the meeting and Council planning staff will be present to outline the relevant provisions of the City Plan and to answer questions.
Included will be information about the resource consent process and an explanation of how a resource consent was granted for a proposed office tower which, if it goes ahead, will overlook the estuary at Ferrymead.

Mr Moore says the Council wants the public to learn more about the city’s growth and how that is being planned for.

“There’s obviously some interest in this one proposed development and, in a way, we welcome the controversy because it’s getting people interested in what is a very complicated part of Council’s activity,” Mr Moore says. “On the other hand, it’s important to understand that this business about high rises and where they can or should be allowed to go is just one of a quite long list of important planning issues the Council has on its books.

“Last year the Council decided we couldn’t continue dealing with these issues on a bit-by-bit basis and needed to have a look at all issues and set some priorities. A report which will help us with that is coming to the Council early in March.”

Mr Moore says one role of local bodies is to work with the community and interest groups to create long-term plans so that people and businesses have some certainty about the future.

“Nobody would suggest any town plan’s perfect but our Council staff deal with thousands and thousands of building and resource matters every year and very few of them create problems,” Mr Moore says. “Another point worth remembering is that Christchurch and the surrounding areas are dynamic and growing pretty strongly. That creates pressure on planning, but it’s also positive for jobs and investment and innovation.”

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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