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Council plans underway to manage archaeological remains

1 August 2005

The Council has contracted consultants to work on a study to manage archaeological sites and remains across the city - giving a sense of the last 150 years in Christchurch.

The Archaeological Management Plan project aims to help Council update the archaeological heritage provisions in the City Plan.

Working with the Council Heritage Planning Team and the NZ Historic Places Trust’s Southern Regional Archaeological, consultant Opus International will provide information that helps Council manage archaeological sites under the requirements of the Resource Management Act, 1991, and Historic Places Act, 1993.

The project will focus on historic settlements. Maori heritage will be studied and managed separately as part of a specific project for Maori archaeological and cultural heritage starting later this year.

The Archaeological Management Plan project has begun by researching known and likely archaeological sites - checking old maps, including drainage maps of the city.

This sort of historic information is being recorded using Geographic Information System mapping to build up layers of historical information that will tell the Council where known historic sites and likely archaeological deposits are located.

“With all that historic data, we’re getting to the interesting stage, where we can stand back and look at the overall picture to get a sense about living and working in Christchurch for the past 150 years or so,” says City Council Senior Heritage Planner, Miriam Stacy.

Once all this information is collated, the consultants, Council, and the Heritage Planning Team can consider recommendations on the ongoing protection and future management of archaeological sites across Christchurch.

The project, which began in March, 2005, aims to deliver a draft report for public comment later this year around September or October.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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