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Major Sewer Upgrade: Sewer pipe to cross Linwood Avenue

16 March 2004

Further progress on the Council’s Major Sewer Upgrade may cause traffic disruptions along Linwood Avenue at the end of March, says Contracts Engineer, Tony Borkus.

Mr Borkus says the Rising Main No. 11 project - one of 14 projects involved  in the $36 million Major Sewer Upgrade - will take a new pipeline from Hay Street across Linwood Avenue to the median strip at the end of March.

This pipeline aims to link the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bromley, with a new pump station on the corner of Bass and Randolph streets - going from Hay Street under Linwood Avenue to Linwood Park and then Randolph Street.

Left-turning traffic into Hay Street, except buses, will be restricted during work in the run up to the crossing stage at the end of March. Trenching will be about 3.5m deep and 2m wide to allow for the 1.2m concrete pressure pipe, Mr Borkus says.

Two eastbound traffic lanes will be maintained at all times along Linwood Avenue, except during the actual crossing after 6pm, when eastbound traffic will be restricted to one lane.

After the crossing is achieved, the pipeline will be laid westward next to the median of trees under Linwood Avenue, before crossing the median between two lines of trees.

The pipeline will then cross the westbound lanes in late April, Mr Borkus says.

The cost of the project with March Construction is $4.8m, with the Linwood Avenue crossing being about $300,000 of that, he says.


The Rising Main  No. 11 project is part of the Major Sewer Upgrade  over a 10- year period, which involves the laying of more than 30km of new pipelines, several pump stations, and the proposed construction of a large storage tank in the city.

These changes will allow the sewer system to cope with expected city growth and reduce sewage overflow into the city's rivers during wet weather.

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