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Changes proposed for section of Opawa Road

24 June 2004

A new two-lane road from the Opawa-Garlands roads intersection to south of the Opawa-Curries roads intersection is planned by Council and Transit New Zealand to help buffer homes from the adverse effects of increasing numbers of vehicles using this route.

The new roadway to the east alongside the existing road will replace the existing section of Opawa Road between these points.

The existing roadway will become a service lane for properties along it, much like parts of Blenheim Road, separated from the main roadway by a buffer island.

A painted flush median is proposed along the entire length of the new Opawa Road section with four pedestrian refuge islands to provide safer crossing.  Indented bus bays will ensure that buses do not stop in cycle and traffic lanes when picking up or dropping off passengers.

A recessed parking bay with a 10-minute parking restriction is proposed outside the dairy at the corner of Grange Street.

The proposed service lane will be divided into four sections to allow access through intersections and provide entrance and exit points to existing properties.

Landscaping proposed for the new Opawa Road section includes a formal avenue of large scarlet oaks along the grassed buffer island.  In wide areas at the end of the service lanes will be groves of Crows Nest Poplars, in keeping with existing planting from the Brougham Street upgrade.
It is hoped that work will start later this year and construction is likely to take about a year. 


For some years, Opawa Road residents have voiced concerns about increasing traffic volumes, particularly heavy traffic, which causes congestion, greater vibration, increased noise and air pollution and difficulties in accessing their properties.

Over the years, the Council and Transit New Zealand have bought up properties on the east side of this section of Opawa Road as part of long-term plans:

  • to alleviate problems highlighted by residents and
  • to provide a purpose-built roadway to accommodate heavy vehicle demand on this State Highway route providing access to industrial areas and to the Port of Lyttelton
  • to accommodate other road users such as cyclists, public transport and pedestrians.

Opawa Road is part of the State Highway network in Christchurch so this project is being jointly funded by the City Council and Transit New Zealand.

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