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More Than Variable, it’s Fairyable!

22 January 2004

The Court Jesters are back and this time they’re using the fairy tale as a vehicle for their unique and highly entertaining form of improvisation.

The Daffodil Garden in the Botanic Gardens is, as usual, the location for this very popular SummerTimes™ event, this year entitled Fairyable.   Six actors will create a different performance each time, for around 90 minutes. The key to the humour and the unexpected is the audience, because they are involved in the performance. In this case, each new fairy tale will be shaped by the audience and the actors working together.

Acting out the story and using their improvisational talents will be the Court Jesters, who perform Scared Scriptless,  late-night comedy every Friday Night at The Court Theatre.

The team will provide everything that that the story requires – a beautiful princess, an enchanted frog, or even a talkative tree, the performers will supply anything and everything to bring the story to life.

Will the hero be an enchanted princess?  Will they be confronted by a giant or  put under a spell by a wicked chartered accountant?  Who knows?  Only the audience will decide!

Jeff Clark of the Court Jesters says he knows Fairyable will be out of this world.

“The Jesters have spent weeks locked in a room with only copies of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Shrek and The Princess Bride to read. When they hit the stage, who knows, anything could happen!”

Jeff says Fairyable is fast paced, fiendishly funny and frantic. They’re the only ‘f’ words he knows.

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