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Christchurch history - taking a new look at ourselves

24 August 2004

Christchurch City Council will host two consultation workshops next week to introduce a review of the city’s history.

Miriam Stacy, a senior heritage planner at the CCC, says members of the public who are interested and enthusiastic should get involved. “We want to know what they know about the past, about living here and about what makes Christchurch important for them,” she says.

“We want to know about places and people and local identity. What is it that makes Christchurch special for you?

“Christchurch’s ‘story’ is very much seen as an English city with Maori elements, and that’s part of it but there’s so many other cultures that have played a part over the years and are living here now that also have a history and contributions that should be recognised.”

The project will create an overview history of Christchurch which will lead to the identification of new items for protection under the Christchurch City Plan.

“Getting involved in the process can make a positive difference by giving the Council a better idea of what people value from the past. That way, we can better fulfill our role in looking after their heritage.”

The aim is not to stifle progress or change. “Every growing city changes, but it should happen in a way that has the best outcome for the individuals involved and the community as a whole,” Ms Stacy says. “There’s a quiet majority of people who support heritage and this project is one way they can vocalise that support.”
· The consultation workshops are on Monday 30 August from 5.30-7.30pm and Tuesday 31 August from 7-9pm, in the Cambridge Room of the Town Hall on Kilmore Street.
· Reporters interested in this project are welcome to call senior heritage planner Miriam Stacy on 941 8369.

· The Council’s Heritage Conservation Policy says, “The City’s appeal as a cultural and tourist centre is due in part to its architectural, historic and scenic attractions. Christchurch’s future economic development as a significant tourist destination is therefore, to some extent, dependent on conservation of its heritage buildings, places and objects”.


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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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