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Beatty Street to be investigated more fully as possible pipeline route

28 July 2003

Following on from consultation undertaken with Jellicoe Street residents, the Council has decided to look more closely into Beatty Street as a possible route for the pipeline between the wastewater treatment plant in Bromley and the ocean.

After hearing oral submissions on the Jellicoe Street option last Monday, the Sustainable Transport and Utilities Committee (STU) had recommended that Bridge Street as well as Beatty Street be investigated further. However, this was overturned at the Council meeting later in the week, and consultation will begin soon with Beatty Street residents, South New Brighton School, and other key stakeholders using Beatty Street.

A report comparing the outcome of Jellicoe and Beatty streets consultations will be presented to STU in November, along with relevant legal and technical advice, so the Council can make a final decision on the pipeline route.

Senior Planning Engineer John Moore says that in this planning phase extra information on the proposed ocean outfall is coming in all the time.

“At the moment we’re waiting for the legal opinion to come through about where we can build the ocean pipeline. It looks as if we won’t be able to use the South Brighton Domain as a construction site, and the same situation could well apply to the dunes. So we’re probably looking at construction out at sea.

“This means that whichever street is chosen, the disruption will be much less than previously envisaged when prefabrication of the pipe may have been done within the domain. It’ll be the same as for any other street in the city being dug up and having a large sewage pipe laid along it. For this reason, we need to also go back to Jellicoe Street residents and revisit their concerns about disruption and noise that would have been caused by pipe construction in their vicinity.”

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