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Ocean outfall to go along Jellicoe Street

15 December 2003

After considerable consultation with the South Brighton community and advice from independent experts, the Christchurch City Council has approved the recommendation that Jellicoe Street be used as the pipe route for the Ocean Outfall.

This was decided at the full Council meeting of 11 December, 2003.

Senior planning engineer for the Ocean Outfall, John Moore, acknowledged that confirming Jellicoe Street as the pipe route provided certainty for some and anxiety for others in the South Brighton community.

With this in mind, the Council would be keeping residents informed of further developments through the:

  • Ocean Outfall Newsletter, which goes to all residents from Shackleton Street to the end of South Brighton Spit
  • City Council Internet web site

As part of the Ocean Outfall pipe route recommendation, the Council also approved the redevelopment of Jellicoe Street using the Living Streets process where reconstruction is required.

Plans for the street will be developed with those living in Jellicoe Street at that time. The Council has also approved placing underground, utility services such as power and telephone during this street reconstruction.

Mr Moore said that the Council had also resolved that the Parks and Waterways Unit develop the South Brighton Domain in the vicinity of the pipe route alignment at the completion of the pipeline construction.

This work would be planned and carried out in conjunction with the wider community input.

For now, the following table indicates the Council’s proposed time frame for construction of the Ocean Outfall:

The Way Foward

Items Time frame
The Council resolves on Jellicoe Street as pipeline route. 11 December 2003
Communicate the decision to the residents and key stake holders in Jellicoe Street 12 December 2003
Communicate the decision to the remaining South New Brighton community 13 December 2003
Continue consultation regarding water quality and beach standards March 2004
Complete CWTP pond upgrade and confirm water quality outcomes resulting from upgrade August 2004
Council makes decision on water quality and beach standards including methods for achieving these standards (such as pipeline length within ocean and disinfection) August 2004
Council decides pipeline contracting options (ie Form of tender such as design then tender, design and build, partnering, and alliance) August 2004
Resource Consent Application for Ocean Outfall lodged with ECan December 2004
Resource consent processed, public notification and submissions, hearings, consent decision, possible appeals etc. 2005 to mid 2007
Pipe line contract documentation prepared, tenders called, tenders evaluated, and awarded. mid 2007 to early 2008
Pipeline construction Early 2008 to late 2009
Jellicoe Street enhancements 2009


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