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Christchurch City Council Media Release 30 September 2002


Work starts on South Christchurch library and service centre

Construction of the new Library/Service Centre and Learning Centre for South Christchurch has started.

The contract has been awarded to Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd, who began work on the site last week. The Beckenham Service Centre building, which previously occupied the site has been demolished, with services relocated to temporary premises at 148 Colombo St.

It is planned the new facilities, which will include a service centre, library, learning centre classrooms and cafe will be opened to the public in June next year, says project manager Ian McKenzie of the Christchurch City Council. The café will be run by the owners and operators of the Cashmere café, The Cup

When the Architecture Warren and Mahoney designed complex is finished it will be among the most environmentally friendly buildings in Christchurch – a request that came from the local community during the Christchurch City Council’s public consultation process.

Set on the banks of the Heathcote River, it will be surrounded by a moat with water as a central design theme. The library doors will open onto patio decks, creating islands in the moat, where in summer people will be able to sit and read.

Shade will be provided by roof overhangs on the building and trees along Hunter Terrace and Colombo St. Rainwater collected on the roof will supply the moat, which will cool air circulating through low-level windows. Energy from the Christchurch water supply is to power heat pumps in winter, while low energy light fittings are to be controlled by daylight sensors.

In keeping with the council’s zero waste strategy, the building will also use many materials with a recycled content and will be constructed according to a strictly enforced waste management plan.

For more information: About the South Christchurch Library and Service Centre, contact Ian McKenzie, Ph 941 8286

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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