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Christchurch City Council Media Release 17 May 2002

Council receives the go-ahead for changes to Fendalton Road

Christchurch City Council received the go-ahead on Monday from the Environment Court to proceed with its plans to make significant improvements to Fendalton Road.

The road works, which were first proposed over 40 years ago, involve changing the road between the Railway and Clyde Road from two lanes to four. The new road will include a landscaped median, cycle lanes, and visitor parking among the existing trees where possible. The project also includes providing off-street parking to serve the needs of visitors to St Barnabas Church.

City Councillor Denis O’Rourke says that the project has been a long time in the making.

"Improvements to Fendalton Road were first proposed over 40 years ago. The wait will have been well worth it as the final design reflects the results of considerable consultation with the local and wider community".

"A real effort has been made to maintain and even improve the best elements of the current road environment by keeping as many of the existing mature trees as possible, and planting new trees and flowering shrubs. The finished product should more than meet the expectations of visitors and residents of the city for our 'Garden City Gateway', says O-Rourke.

The legal process to make the changes to Fendalton Road began last July with the hearing by an independent Commissioner. The Commissioner approved the Council’s application for resource consent in January this year. Two issues were then appealed to the Environment Court, one of which has been settled by negotiation, and the second is yet to be resolved by the Environment Court.

The issue yet to be resolved relates to whether or not the Council can provide a left-turn lane on Fendalton Road into Glandovey Road. The Environment Court has ordered that the Council can proceed with the rest of the work while this issue is being resolved.

City Council engineers are now putting the finishing touches on the detailed design of the $4M scheme. Construction of the changes is likely to start in August this year. The work will be undertaken in stages, with the entire job taking up to 18 months to complete. Local residents will be kept informed prior to work commencing in their area.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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