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Christchurch City Council Media Release 24 April 2002

Submissions Called On Public Street Enclosures Policy

The Christchurch City Council has developed a draft policy for licensing parts of the public street space for outdoor dining.

The policy will guide Council decision-making on the location and extent of areas licensed for outdoor dining throughout the city, and the type of furniture, planters, windbreaks, canopies and other enclosing structures that will be permitted.

The Council can license individual operators to use public spaces if they can provide complementary services and facilities that enhance their business activities, and those of adjoining buildings.

City Council urban design and heritage policy planner Neil Carrie says the policy has been developed because the Council, as landowner, needs to consider the private and commercial benefits of licensing public areas for private use, as well as the impact on the environment and the community.

“Licensing part of a footpath or street to a café or restaurant so people can eat and drink outdoors adds life, interest and colour to the city and it’s understandable that commercial operators will wish to maximise this.

“However it’s also clear that enclosed street structures can have undesirable effects. Erecting extensive enclosures including awnings and windbreaks over public footpaths and pedestrian areas may shut out pedestrians and can detract instead of add to the street scene,” says Mr Carrie.

Written submissions on the proposed policy close on Monday 13 May 2002 and should be addressed to the City Streets Unit Manager, Christchurch City Council. There is no official form to complete. Submitters will have the chance to speak to their submission at a meeting of the Sustainable Transport and Utilities sub-committee considering this matter on Monday 27 May (please indicate on your written submission if you wish to speak before the sub-committee). The policy will go before the full Council on Thursday 27 June 2002.

Copies of the Draft Policy (Public Street Enclosures Policy) and the accompanying review document (Public Street Enclosures: - Review) can be obtained from Joanne McKay, Christchurch City Council, P.O. Box 237, Christchurch 1, phone 941 8953, or from the City Council’s website at:

For more information: Contact Christchurch City Council senior planner urban design and heritage Neil Carrie on 941 8643.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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