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Christchurch City Council Media Release 19 September 2001

Election Voting Papers Out This Week

Delivery of voting papers for the three-yearly, postal local body elections will start Friday and should be finished by Wednesday 26 September.

A total of 227,793 voting packs will be distributed to Christchurch electors.

A commercial mail house prepared the voting packs and each pack will contain a voting paper, a freepost return envelope, a booklet containing a voting guide and photographs and 150-word profiles of candidates standing for five issues in each ward.

The voting paper comprises four pages with the Mayor and City Council issues on the first page. The middle pages have the 75 candidates for the Canterbury District Health Board issue and on page four will be the Canterbury Regional Council (Environment Canterbury) and Community Board issues.

A few candidates have not supplied photographs or profile statements and where this occurred it is noted in the booklet.

The Electoral Officer, Max Robertson, said voters were encouraged to return their papers in the mail as soon as possible.

Once the voting papers are received electorsí bar codes, shown through the window of the return envelopes, are scanned so that the names of the electors are marked off the roll to prevent duplicate voting.

After that the envelopes are opened and the votes are recorded by scanning the bar codes that are printed beside the names of those candidates who have received votes.

No votes are totalled at this stage.

Two firsts will be seen in this election. One is that the postal voting period is extended from two weeks to three weeks and the other first is that the electronic recording of votes will be completed as papers are returned throughout the three-week voting period.

Key points

Electors who have lost, spoilt or destroyed their ordinary voting papers that they received by post may claim special votes. People who have applied to be enrolled but who have not received their voting papers in the post may also claim special votes.

Further information: Election Office: Phone 941 8888, 941 6200 or email:

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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