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Christchurch City Council Media Release 19 October 2001

Council Welcome Community Renewal Launch

Portsmouth Street, Aranui, was the site of the launch of Housing New Zealand Corporation’s community renewal project today.

The launch by the Minister of Housing, Mark Gosche, coincided with the start of demolition work for the property renewal stage of the groundbreaking Aranui Community Renewal Project.

The chairman of the Christchurch City Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee, Cr. David Close, said the Council welcomed the important step to “enhance Aranui as a good place to live.”

He said that it was exciting for the people of the community and was a practical sign that positive changes were now happening in Aranui.

“Since the Council and Housing New Zealand joined together last year to work with the Aranui community on improving the area, we have looked forward to this day,” he said.

Cr. Close was speaking at the launch that saw window frames and other material recycled from an empty Housing New Zealand unit in Portsmouth Street. This was the first stage of the reconstruction of the area. The event marked the official launch of the Housing NZ’s community renewal programme.

Other speakers included the Minister of Housing, Mr. Gosche, the Chief Executive of Housing NZ, Michael Lennon, and the chairman of the Aranui Community Renewal Committee, Rob Davidson.

Aranui is undergoing major physical and social changes as a result of the renewal project in a three-way partnership among the City Council, Housing NZ and the community.

The partnership is a first in New Zealand and is expected to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits for the community.

Housing NZ plans to improve the quality and mix of housing in the area bounded by Breezes, Pages and Wainoni roads, and the Avon River.

As well it is providing employment and work-experience opportunities for local people.

Further information: Ian McKenzie: Project Management: 941 8286 or 025 220 7251.

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