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Christchurch City Council Media Release 8 May 2001

Council to get tough with burnout hoons

A four-pronged attack is to be made by the Christchurch City Council on young drivers who use city as streets for burnouts.

A special Street Racing ByLaw Sub-Committee will introduce proposals to deal with the burnout hoons at the May and June meetings of the City Council.

The chairman of the sub-committee and chairman of the City Services Committee, Cr. Denis O’Rourke, said today that the “assault on many fronts will be designed to stop this behaviour which endangers members of the public and is costing the city thousands of dollars in damage to city streets.”

Proposals to be put to the Council for approval will include:

A by-law that will bring prosecutions and fines for the offences.

Cr. O’Rourke said many of the hard core of hoons don’t care about the fines they receive now.

He said some owe many hundreds of dollars and often the Courts ruled that the hoons pay $25 a week. “So a few more fines doesn’t matter to them,” he said.

To counter this the sub-committee will also recommend that the Council takes civil action against offenders by way of an injunction.

“If they then continue their burnout activities injunction could be taken against them. An injunction disobeyed could mean imprisonment,” Cr. O’Rourke said.

The City Council has a precedent in the use of injunctions, he said.

It was used in the case of a disruptive person in the City Mall. He was warning about his behaviour and did not stop. An injunction was taken out against the man and he was imprisoned for seven days.

Subject to further discussions, the Deputy Prime Minister, Jim Anderton, has agreed to promote an amendment to legislation in Parliament regarding the possible impounding of vehicles used in burnout activities.

“For example, the person concerned might get his car back only after a month and his costs of impounding of the car have been paid. This will be substantial,” Cr. O’Rourke said.

The Council has agreed to make $50,000 available to assist the provision of a burnout pad at Ruapuna. Details of this proposal are still being pursued, Cr. O’Rourke said.

“We will be taking positive action. All the proposals together amount to an assault to stop this unacceptable behaviour,” he said.

Further information: Cr. Denis O’Rourke: 021 632 670.

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