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Christchurch City Council Media Release 29 January 2001

Top Graffiti Artist coming to City

Internationally renowned German graffiti artist Daim (pronounced Dime) will be in Christchurch next month to demonstrate his art.

He will be in the city on Saturday 10 February to take part in a free, all-ages, day-time hip-hop event at the Youth and Cultural Development Centre, 92 Lichfield Street.

The event’s main attraction will be the production of a graffiti art mural, directed by Daim, with the help of local artists as well as Askew from Auckland.

Also featured at the event will be a breakdancing competition for local youth starting at 5pm as the mural is completed.

Following this will be a hip-hop music concert that will feature local bands such as Mainsauce, Scribe, Sheelahroc, DJ Stickyfingaz and 4Higher.

The event is part of the Christchurch City Council’s legal arts programme. The organiser, Jonny Wartmann, says the objectives include demonstrating to the public the possibilities and artistic value of aerosol art and to give the local graffiti art community and at-risk youth the chance to see the methods and products of the some of “big talents in the field.”

He says the mural to be produced at the event will enhance a youth-friendly space in the city and it will give local aerosol artists the chance to paint with an idol.

Mr. Wartmann says the event will show the public what youth has to offer and the breakdance competition will demonstrate its close connection with graffiti art.

He says the event will also elevate the status of the local aerosol art scene.

Further information: Jonny Wartmann: 021 1374 233 or 377 6797.

Visit Daim's website at: