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Christchurch City Council Media Release 31 January 2000

Work Starts On New Expressway

Construction on a new bridge over the Avon River will begin tomorrow in New Brighton Road.

It is part of the Woolston-Burwood Expressway, which will run from Travis Road to New Brighton Road, across the river, and to Eureka Street.

Transit NZ and the Christchurch City Council will jointly fund the project.

Three separate contracts have been let for the road between Travis Road and Eureka Street.

Work started on the Travis Road to New Brighton Road section in December and is expected to be finished in six months.

Substantial work has been carried out at the New Brighton Road end already with the bulk of the base of the road completed.

Work is expected to start at the Travis Road end about the middle of February. It is expected that this part of the expressway (to be called Anzac Drive) with two roundabouts at Travis Road to New Brighton Road, will be opened about the middle of June, before the opening of the bridge and the link to Eureka Street.

Only three legs of the New Brighton Road roundabout will be used until the bridge is finished next year.

Construction of the bridge is expected to be completed in February next year.

Hulverstone Drive will be closed to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians from tomorrow.

The City Council’s project engineer, Sharon O’Neill, says it is not possible to provide safe passage to pedestrians and cyclists while building is under way. However, an underpass for cyclists and pedestrians is part of the bridge construction.

Construction of the new road between Hulverstone Drive and Eureka Street is expected to start soon and work is being staged over a year and is planned to be finished in February next year.

The formation of Hulverstone Drive to Wainoni Road section will be built first, starting in mid-February, although the final surfacing will not be completed until he bridge is ready for use.

The Wainoni Road to Eureka Street section, including traffic signals at Wainoni Road, is expected to be opened by November 30.

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