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Christchurch City Council Media Release 6 July 2000

Rewards for the 'Little People'

Nominations are being sought for Christchurch City Council Civic Awards – a reward for people who do good deeds in the city.

The Council has presented the awards annually for the past 11 years to individuals and organisations in recognition of service of "a nature benefiting the city and its people."

Council organiser of the awards, Dave Adamson says the awards are a method of recognising the good works of the unsung heroes of the city. This is an opportunity for the little people to be recognised for what they do.

"If it wasn’t for people such as these our society would almost grind to a stop," he says.

Most good works receive little or no recognition but the awards are a way this can be done, he says.

The categories are recreation, youth activities, social welfare, educational services, cultural affairs, religious affairs and community affairs. Also, any other voluntary services that "contributes to furthering the vision of Christchurch" can be nominated.

Individuals, societies or clubs and such like can be nominated for an award.

Nominations will close on Friday 18 August. Nominations are referred to the Council’s six Community Boards, which make recommendations; these are then referred to a full council meeting for confirmation.

Recipients receive a framed certificate and a boxed medallion from the Mayor, Garry Moore, at a civic reception in December.

Last year’s recipients included Gael and Mike Walganski who have for several years decorated their Halswell house with Christmas decorations. The Travis Wetland Trust also received a certificate along with Barrie Prebble who has been involved in beautifying the city for more than 50 years.

Last year Ian Clark was a recipient for his work for the Civic Trust and Wilma Gillian received hers for her work with Koru Care (Christchurch) Trust, which aided disadvantaged children.

Nomination forms can be obtained from the Civic Offices in Tuam Street and Council service centres and libraries.

Further information: Dave Adamson, City Council: 941 8775.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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