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Christchurch City Council Media Release 4 July 2000

It’s Official: ‘Christchurch Larger than Pennsylvania USA’ - Pavement Art-Wise That Is!

Worlds Largest Pavement Art World Record

Broken in Christchurch Today during TV2 Kidsfest Event

At times it was dusty, at times it was damp, but at all times it was a great big enormous heap of fun in Cathedral Square today as thousands of Christchurch children rolled up their sleeves and contributed to the world’s largest Pavement Artwork.

Officially blowing away the previous record of 1,644 square metres held by Hanova, Pennsylvania, Christchurch achieved no less than 2,584 metres Square on one of the coldest days this winter.

2,000 certificates of attendance ran-out at 1pm, and it’s estimated that up to 3,000 kids and their parents and caregivers created mini chalk masterpieces between 10am and 3pm.

“I think part of the thrill for kids was that they could make a colourful mess of an area of the central city that is usually so pristine!” says City Council PR and Promotions Coordinator for Events, Beatrice Cheer. “Many kids came early and stayed all day, having a break to listen to Jason Gunn, and have a bounce on the bouncy castle and then straight back to more chalk art”.

C.H.A.W.K – Christchurch Artists Without Kanvas – began sketching the outline at 7am this morning, with children joining them soon after. The artwork features TV2 KidsFest mascot ‘Cool Stuff’ the dog, wearing Canterbury Colours on a huge rugby field, surrounded by a brilliant ‘wallpaper’ of crazy colour and design created by the kids of all ages.

Depending on the weather, the pavement artwork will be left intact for a few days for public viewing, and looks especially stunning when viewed from the Christchurch Cathedral Bell Tower. Chalk was contributed by sponsor Crayola, and this Christchurch City Council Leisure Event was supported by MoreFM and City Design.

For more information, call Beatrice Cheer,

PR and Promotions Coordinator – Events 9418 495 or 025 86 88 71

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