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Christchurch City Council Media Release 10 February 2000

Energy Show Home Will Help Save Money

A three-bedroom house in Papanui will be used to help people save money on energy costs.

The Christchurch City Council will open its Energy Efficiency Show Home at Leander Street, Papanui, within walking distance of Northlands shopping centre, on 14 February at 1pm. The Mayor, Garry Moore, will launch the Council initiative, believed to be the only house of its type in the country.

It will be open from 11am to 6pm each day, except Wednesdays. Council energy advisors, all qualified and experienced in energy-efficiency matters, will give independent advice to visitors.

The Council’s energy manager, Leonid Itskovich, says the purpose of the house is to raise people’s awareness of energy efficiency and its health benefits. It will also raise the awareness of people’s understanding of Christchurch’s clean air and energy efficiency programme that is designed to improve the environment making it free of winter smog and providing healthier house conditions.

The Leander Street house was built in 1970s in brick with a tile roof, and an open fire, but without insulation and other energy-saving devices in keeping with the majority of Christchurch houses of the period.

Council staff has insulated the house and installed non-polluting heating and other energy efficiency features. Water conservation measures are also included and, with cut-outs in ceilings, floors and walls, visitors will be able to see how many of the measures work.

Also, samples of double-glazing will be displayed along with information on heating fuels and systems. Advice will be given on comparative costs of these.

Dr Itskovich says cost savings will result from using any of the measures demonstrated in the house.

"We have a team of professional energy advisors who will give independent and competent advice on insulation, heating and related matters and Council financial incentives available for non-polluting heating and insulation under the energy efficiency and clean air programme," he says.

"I must emphasise that our advice will be independent as the Council does not involve itself in the sale of any products involved, including power," Dr Itskovich says.

The energy efficiency measures are not beyond most people’s financial reach, he says. "We have been careful to ensure only economically feasible measures have been used in the house so that they are affordable by the average Christchurch resident," he says.

NB: The house will not be ready for viewing until the opening although it can be arranged that media representatives wanting photos of the cut-out interior can visit an hour before the opening at 1pm on 14 February by contacting Dr Itskovich.

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