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Christchurch City Council Media Release 25 August 2000

Fendalton Rd Makeover To Create City Gateway 

The long-awaited reconstruction of Fendalton Road will be part of an exciting plan to create a Garden City Gateway.

That’s the word today from the Christchurch City Council’s City Services Committee Chairman, Denis O’Rourke, who unveiled plans to create a Garden City Gateway.

"The majority of visitors to Christchurch form their first and last impressions of Christchurch travelling from the airport to the City, along Memorial Avenue and Fendalton Road," says Cr. O’Rourke. "There’s a belief that Fendalton Road isn’t creating the right impression because it’s becoming congested, unsafe and unattractive."

The need to reconstruct Fendalton Road provided an opportunity to review the whole airport to city arterial. The result is the Garden City Gateway plan.

"Christchurch needs Fendalton Road (and Memorial Avenue) to be many things," says Cr. O’Rourke. "As our City’s front path, it needs to offer an attractive welcome to visitors and enhance our international reputation as the Garden City. But local industries that do business with the airport also need a safe and efficient roadway, and local residents need safe access and a pleasant environment in which to live. All these things are important – and with this plan we’ve got them all."

The Garden City Gateway Plan includes reconstructing Fendalton Road as a four-lane road, but the removal of kerbside parking will allow many trees to be retained. A solid median will improve safety, and will include extensive planting of trees and ground cover. Marked cycle lanes, new bus stops and high-quality shelters will be provided.

Glandovey Road will become a controlled intersection with traffic lights.

The wiring will be put underground, and new lighting will highlight significant trees and improve pedestrian safety at night. A planting scheme will create a consistent theme to Fendalton Road, enhancing the character of the leafy, green suburb.

Christchurch & Canterbury Marketing Communications Manager, John McKenzie said: "Tourism is worth $1.334 billion dollars to our region every year, and employs 25,000 people. In most major cities in the world, the major route between the airport and the City represents an important first or last impression of the destination."

"With more than 350,000 international visitors arriving at Christchurch International Airport every year, and with this figure growing all the time, it’s important we represent Christchurch in the best possible light."

"The improvements to Fendalton Road are a welcome addition in ensuring Christchurch and Canterbury is seen as a fresh, unique destination," John McKenzie said.

Brochures outlining the Gateway plan are being sent to local residents, and community meetings will be held to discuss the changes. Brochures and a detailed plan of the planting are available for inspection at the City’s Fendalton Office, on the Corner of Clyde and Jeffreys Roads next week. Submissions will close on Friday 29 September. 

Further information: Councillor Denis O'Rourke: (021) 632-670, Chairman City Services Committee

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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