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Christchurch City Council Media Release Tuesday, 22 June 1999

New Brighton Library – up to scratch?

New Brighton's state-of-the art library is nearing completion, and plans are well under way for the official opening on Saturday 24 July.

But to check up on progress of the library, Abraham, star of Gwenda Turner's recently published book, The Builder's Cat, will visit the Christchurch City Council's New Brighton Pier Building this Friday.

Although Abraham's owner, builder Gideon Couper, hasn’t worked on the New Brighton Library site, Abraham is keen to make sure everything is up to scratch. Having spent his life accompanying Gideon to work each day, Abraham is a feline connoisseur when it comes to construction.

Of particular interest will be Pipeline – a suspended area of 26 metres x 2.4 metres, which will include video displays and interactive games.

Abraham will also take a good look at the portholes in the Media Centre, which will provide glimpses of the sea while surfing the Internet.

Another development is the installation of the kitchen for the convenience of groups using the Media Centre and PAD – the Play and Display area.

"New Brighton Library is certainly going to have a number of unique features, not least of all its spectacular location," said Sasha Bowers, Promotions & Publications Co-ordinator for Canterbury Public Library. "Books will also be arranged differently in what is known as 'living rooms', which group similar subjects together and make things easier to find."

The new library will contain over 40,000 books, including, of course, The Builders Cat.



Photo opportunity:

Meet Abraham the cat at the New Brighton Library site (New Brighton Pier Building) on Friday 25 June, 10.00am.

RSVP essential and for more information, please contact:

Sasha Bowers, Promotions & Publications Co-ordinator, Canterbury Public Library, 941 7923

Susan Coleman, Community Librarian, New Brighton Library, 388 2249


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