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Christchurch City Council Media Release 28 January 1999

Cathedral Square Redevelopment Project Looking Forward to Stage 4

Preparations for the start of Stage 4 of the Christchurch City Council’s redevelopment of Cathedral Square are well underway with the signing of the contract between the Council and Works Civil Construction Ltd, which was awarded the contract last December, expected to take place within the next few days.


"I am pleased with the progress made during the last few weeks and with Stages 1, 2 and 3, virtually behind us we are looking forward to the final stage. Council officers are now in regular discussion and contact with representatives from Works Civil Construction. A high priority before the start of the Stage 4 work in March, is to have a meeting of all the stakeholders and parties who will be affected by this work. The contractor will be introduced, and the programme and method of work to be undertaken will be discussed. As well as the Council’s own project liaison officer there will be a representative from the contractor who will be available to these stakeholders during the Stage 4 programme."

Cr Ron Wright

Chair, Projects and Property Committee

BD Construction Ltd’s progress during January has meant that ‘practical completion’ is expected at the end of the month as previously advised.

The managing director of BD Construction Ltd, advises, "Minor remedial work may be undertaken by BD Construction beyond this date but it will take place at night as it has done over the past few months or be of a minor nature during the day. We may also need to continue with the sealing of the pavers into February. This work is weather dependent and has been delayed because of heavy dews during January but again this takes place at night."

Finishing touches to some items of street furniture eg rubbish bins and seating around planter boxes will continue into early February with the minimum of disruption to the public and Square environment.


For further information contact: Cr Ron Wright

Chair, Projects and Property Committee
Christchurch City Council

Mble: 025 325 772 contd

Andrew Robinson
Senior Project Co-ordinator

Major Projects Unit
Christchurch City Council

Tel: 941 8609

Photo opportunity: It is envisaged that the signing of the contract for the Stage 4 work by Cr Ron Wright (on behalf of the Council) and Works Civil Construction will take place on Monday 1 February. If you would like further details regarding this please contact Kay Carston, Communication Co-ordinator, Christchurch City Council on tel: 941 6416 by 4pm Friday 29 January.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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