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Christchurch City Council Media Release 28 July 1998

Summary of Statements Made at the Media Conference for the Wastewater Consent Working Party

Peter Townsend -  Spokesperson


The working party has recommended Option One of Nine which is an ocean outfall of at least 2 kilometres in length, incorporating the upgraded water treatment plant, the UV disinfection and a slightly modified pond system.


While the Working Party has reached consensus that this is the preferred option, such consent should be conditional on the following:


An assurance that appropriate biological and environmental standards will be reached with this proposal

Further research being done on the impact of winds, tides and currents on Pegasus Bay and the Estuary to ensure that the ocean outfall solution is environmentally sound

A strong recommendation that the Christchurch City Council does not make a final decision on the consent application until their research has been done and reported back to the Working Party

The Working Party appreciates that ocean outfall Option One will need to be staged because of the logistical and financial constraints. The Working Party accept staged provided that:


A firm timeline is established

Various trigger points, be they population growth, wastewater loadings, financial issues (or others) be clearly defined and that those trigger points be adhered to

That the Council clearly recognise that an ocean outfall really is the end objective so that there is certainty about the end of the process

The Working Party has made a major commitment over 18 months. It represents a diverse grouping of interests. The achievement of consensus within the Working Party is a credit to those information providers, those managing the process and in particular the facilitator.


It is really important that the Working Party be kept in the loop and that the Council recognise the enormous amount of deliberation and research that has gone into reaching the consensus viewpoint.


The Working party believes that ocean outfall Option One subject to the conditions previously identified is likely to be the most environmentally acceptable and sustainable method of effluent disposal for Christchurch City and surrounds in the medium and long term.



It is perceived to be important that Christchurch is seen to be leading the way in the responsible disposal of its wastewater as part of protecting and enhancing the quality of life in the City.



Peter Townsend

28 July 1998



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