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Christchurch City Council Media Release Monday 16 February 1998

Celebrating Children and Families

Organisers of Year 2000 celebrations in Christchurch and Canterbury are calling for people to help plan events and projects specially for children and youth.

They've invited local school representatives, including students, to a Seminar for Children and Youth 2000 at Christchurch's Centra Hotel on Tuesday 24 February (4pm) - however anyone else can attend.

Turning Point 2000 Director Rae Knutson says the development of events and projects with a focus on children and young people has been highlighted as a major component in the Turning Point 2000 calendar.

"We've acknowledged the vital role our young people will play in the future development of the region and we're looking at ways to involve and inspire them," she says.

Two advisory groups, Children 2000 and Youth 2000, have been set up by Turning Point 2000 over the last 18 months. They are respectively headed by Christchurch City Council children's advocate Lyn Campbell and the principal of Rangi Ruru Girls' School, Gillian Heald, whose roles are to liaise with other groups and develop key events and projects.

One of the projects proposed by Children 2000 is a Junior Summit involving youth, leaders, policy and decisionmakers from around the world.

Other advisory groups include: Scitech 2000 - for a world class interactive science and technology exhibition Art 2000 - for a major exhibition of contemporary art Port Hills 2000 - focusing on improving Castle Rock and Whakaraupo Reserves, Crater Rim Native Forest and Godley Head Tu Tangata 2000 - building a waka for the year 2000 Gardens 2000 - developing a sister-city garden park and planting native tree groves in community board areas.

The director of the New Zealand Millennium Office, Denis O'Reilly, says Turning Point 2000 is "the most advanced organising body for millennium celebrations anywhere in the country - this project is light years ahead".

Turning Point 2000 was initiated, and is core funded, by Christchurch City Council. Its aim is to ensure Christchurch and Canterbury have progressive leadership and forward planning to organise Year 2000 celebrations that are of great significance and have lasting impact.

Anyone seeking more information should contact the Turning Point 2000 office on the third floor of the Old Railway Station, Moorhouse Ave, phone 379-2008.


Contacts: CCC Communications Co-ordinator Deborah Thomason, ph. 372-2415

Turning Point 2000 Director Rae Knutson, 379-2008

NZ Millennium Office Director Denis O'Reilly, ph. (4) 495-9337.

See Turning Point 2000 on the WWW at

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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