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Christchurch City Council Media Release 12 June, 1998

Christchurch children’s

festival attracts national interest.

TV2 KidsFest

Saturday 4 July to Saturday 11 July 1998, Christchurch

It may be Independance Day in America but all New Zealand children want to do on the fourth of July is be in Christchurch for TV2 KidsFest.

The Christchurch City Council’s Events Team have fielded enquiries about the festival from throughout the country for the past couple of months.

“We’ve been taking calls from all over New Zealand from people wanting a copy of the brochure so they can organise their holidays around the festival.” says Publicity co-ordinator, Katie Macbeth. “Up until now it’s been one of the best kept festival secrets in the country but it seems the word’s getting out.”

At present the festival is only promoted in Christchurch due to the existing high level of interest from local children.

“It’s at the stage where we don’t need to advertise many of the festival’s events because there’s already so much demand.” says Miss Macbeth. “Every year we try to find new events to include in the festival in order to be able to cater for more children - including those from other parts of the country.”

This year TV2 KidsFest features 100 events for children up to 12 years old - the most since the festival began in 1992.

Tens of thousands of TV2 KidsFest brochures will be delivered to Christchurch primary and intermediates schools and playcentres on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June, with bookings opening a week later on Monday 22 June.

Brochures will also be available from Council libraries and service centres, while children from outside of Christchurch can have a brochure mailed to them by calling the Christchurch City Council on (03) 941 8495.

The main booking agent, Ticketek, is preparing for a very busy week after experiencing phenomenal demand for tickets to TV2 KidsFest events last year. Extra staff have been rostered in order to deal with the hundreds of customers expected in the first few days of bookings.

Ticketek can take bookings for TV2 KidsFest events at any of their outlets in New Zealand and Australia.

See the Kidsfest Website at


For further information contact the TV2 KidsFest Publicity Co-ordinator,

Katie Macbeth, on (03) 941 8495, (025) 227 2916

or email: (

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