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Christchurch City Council Media Release Friday 5 September 1997


Extended Loan charges and Interloan charges at Canterbury Public Library will increase from 1 October 1997. The extended loan charge will increase by 5 cents per day from 25 cents to 30 cents, but the maximum charge will remain at $7.50

Interloan charges will increase from $2.50 per item to $5.00. This increase is the result of the introduction of a charge for items loaned between libraries.

The increased charges were approved as part of the Christchurch City Council’s Annual Planning round for this year.

Extended loan charges

Extended loan charges were introduced in 1995 at the same time the loan period was increased to four weeks. Following the initial four week period a customer may keep the item for a further period of five weeks paying the extended loan change of 30 cent per day, per item. There is no need to renew the item - the extended loan charge is paid on returning the item. The fee has not changed in the two years since it was introduced. This increase only brings it to the level of the former “fine” at the time that system was discontinued.

Interloan Charges

This service involves Canterbury Public Library borrowing items from other libraries in New Zealand or oversear for its customers.

Prior to 1 July 1997 inter-library loan was mostly done on a co-operative free basis between the libraries involved in the national scheme. Since that date charges have been introduced between libraries and a portion of the charge is being passed on to customers of the Interloan Service.

“Our collections satisfy most of the needs of our customers and the need to interloan items from other libraries is small - less than 0.1%” said Sue Sutherland, Libraries Manager.

Last year the Library issued more that 5 million items, handled almost 800,000 enquires and provided service to 225,900 registered members.


For further information contact:

Sue Sutherland Phone: 372-7851
Libraries Manager

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