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NEWS RELEASE Monday 17 March 1997




The Juvenile Sex Abusers Unit Site Committee is meeting on Monday 17 March to consider the issues and plan consultation around the siting of the Juvenile Sex Abusers Unit in Christchurch.


The Committee set up to review sites as part of the Government’s Residential services strategy (announced in June 1996) consists of representatives of relevant organisations such as the Christchurch City Council, Barnados, teacher organisations and Social Welfare. (see attached list).


Councillor Garry Moore Chair of the Committee is pleased at the composition of the Team and is sure the team can get on with consulting with the community and determining site criteria.


“While it’s too soon for us to comment on the criteria for selecting a site or how we will be consulting with the community it is clear the team assembled have the interests of young people and the community uppermost in their minds,” said Garry Moore.


“We need to ensure that help is provided for those who need it, while children are protected as well and we will be talking to community representatives, medical and health professionals and professionals in the field of young sexual abusers.” said Garry Moore.


While Christchurch will have the national unit for caring with young people who are sexual abusers as part of the Government Residential Services Strategy, other centres will have residential facilities as well. For example Auckland will have a Youth Justice Centre (new), the national Secure Unit (new), a Care and Protection Unit (existing) and a Specialist Therapeutic Unit (existing).


Christchurch has local acknowledged professional expertise in the area of youth sexual abusers and also has facilities and networks that led to the siting of the unit here.




For further information contact:

Garry Moore 025 330-559





Christchurch City Council

Cr Garry Moore (Chairperson)

Cr Margaret Murray

Cr Ron Wright

Cr Carole Anderton

Department of Social Welfare

Malcolm Millar

Members of Parliament

Jim Anderton

Secondary Principals

Marge Scott

Primary Principals

Rick Wardrop

Tangata Whenua

Rev Maurice Gray

Barnados - Project Manager

John Dunlop


Ken McMasters

Chris Schaffer - Clinician

Property Institute Representative

Patrick O’Reilly


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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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