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Christchurch City Council Media Release MONDAY 21 JULY 1997


The Christchurch City Council Annual Survey of Residents for 1997 has revealed that 58% of residents are concerned about particular social issues in the City. Of these respondents, three-quarters or more supported the Council taking actions on these issues, except only 54% supporting more Council regulation.

74% of those who perceived there were social issues, supported the City Council taking on the role of providing services to address them, or providing funding for the services in conjunction with central government and community groups. 91% thought that Council should also encourage people living in Christchurch to become more involved with resolving these issues.

The City Council has already proposed in The Christchurch City Council Draft Plan: 1997 Edition, that around $1million be spent on social initiatives that focus on particular social problems that need attention. Included in the new proposed initiatives package are youth and adult employment programmes, support assistance for refugees and migrants, and initiatives for dealing with various child and youth issues. In doing so, the Council is addressing local problems by developing local solutions, but is still inviting government agencies to take notice of the present gaps in support and take action too.

The Residents Survey including this information will be sent to all Councillors to help them in the deliberation process when considering submissions on the Draft Plan and finalising the Council’s programmes for the current financial year.

The Residents’ Survey is conducted annually by Statistics New Zealand on behalf of the City Council. It aims to find out what residents of Christchurch think of the services the City Council provides. This year there were 803 respondents who were asked 81 questions on 29 topics.

For further information: Jennifer Pitcher

Senior Policy Analyst

Christchurch City Council

phone 371-1541

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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