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Christchurch City Council Media Release 28 FEBRUARY 1997


With most of the existing landfills in Canterbury either closing or full within the next five years, public view is sought on the issues facing the Christchurch City Council and the nine other Councils in Canterbury in finding a new landfill, says Cr Denis O’Rourke, chairman of the Canterbury Waste Joint-Standing Committee.

A series of meetings are being held throughout the region to discuss the objectives, public view on the involvement of private operators working alongside Council and the criteria used to find the most suitable landfill site. Submissions close on 21 March.

"All Canterbury Council’s have joined forces to discuss developing new landfill space and waste minimisation issues in Canterbury. We see that working together not only reduces the overall costs and environmental impacts by reducing the number of landfills in the region, it will enable us to better manage waste minimisation and hazardous waste.

"We are seeking to minimise landfilling, but it still seems to be the most viable option for disposal.

"We’d also like public input on the prospect of the joint effort being made by all Councils now to continue in the future.

"Finding a new landfill is a difficult task. Environmental standards have increased, which is a good thing, and we have adapted the nationwide criteria to Canterbury conditions and need public feedback on them," he said.

Site stability, water quality, geology, land ownership, accessibility and historical or cultural issues are some of the considerations in selecting a new landfill site.

The Canterbury Waste Joint-Standing Committee objectives include; providing a reliable service, ensuring waste minimisation initiatives can continue, minimising environmental risk and the stability of disposal costs.

ChCh Public Meeting - Monday 10 March

A public meeting is being held in Christchurch at 7.30pm on Monday 10 March at the Salvation Army Hall in Durham Street.

An information pamphlet is available for those unable to attend the meeting from all Council offices and libraries, or by telephoning Kate Morgan, Waste Management Unit, Christchurch City Council, 941 8271.

Meetings will also be held in Ashburton (6 March) and Banks Peninsula (12 March). Meetings have already been held in other districts.

"We encourage the community to have their say, we must work together to protect our waterways, groundwater, soil and air for future generations," Cr O’Rourke added.

Where to from here

Submissions close 21 March. Depending on the results of the public consultation, the Canterbury Waste Joint-Standing Committee will be asking in April for proposals from private companies to jointly develop a landfill for Canterbury.

The Committee will then assess these proposals and, by August 1997, be ready to recommend a way forward for all the individuals Councils to consider.


Further Information:

Cr Denis O’Rourke


Canterbury Waste Joint-Standing Committee

Phone: 379 1913 private business

Christchurch City Council 379 1660

Kate Morgan

Solid Waste Planner

Waste Management Unit

Christchurch City Council

Phone: (03) 941 8271


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