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Carter Group Heritage Week  
18-25 October 2002  
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Message from Philip Carter - Director, Carter Group

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 10th Anniversary Heritage Week and once again I am proud to support and celebrate Christchurch's heritage.

Heritage buildings provide the most significant visual contribution to Christchurch's history and landscape. As the economy grows and the city's business community expands, heritage buildings are also proving to be sought after venues to house businesses as evidence by our own offices being in the Regent Building. Their unique character, sense of history and irreproducible facades offer a unique point of difference while creating a sense of space and professionalism for growing businesses.

Heritage buildings are also providing locations for public services. The Crossing building has seen it appearance and usage change to take it into the future while maintaining the link to the past. The Crossing shops and food court and the Bus Exchange have given an older, inner city heritage building a new lease of life. After a period of alteration, this heritage building now allows thousands of people to go about their busy lives with ease. This refurbishment also sees a heritage building housing the latest in technological developments. The Crossing is a perfect example of the adaptive reuse of buildings. While it is forging the way in both public transport and modern retailing, it still has a firm grasp on its history.

This year Carter Group Heritage Week has more events than previous years. So I extend the challenge to you to take part in one of the hundreds of walks, seminars, tours and open days and learn about where our city came from and the fascinating stories behind our city's heritage buildings and the people who inhabited them.


This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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