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Carter Group Heritage Week  
18-25 October 2002  
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A message from Mayor Garry Moore

Christchurch is a city with a significant built, natural and social Maori and European heritage - one we should be proud to celebrate. Heritage Week affords us that opportunity; it enables all the wonderful and diverse community groups involved in heritage activities in this City to both celebrate and showcase the community's heritage.

It is ten years since the Council first established the core funding for Heritage Week and in that decade we have had occasion to both celebrate and lament the saving or loss, as the case may be, of the City's built heritage and heritage sites. However I am confident that with each year the City makes forward moves to ensure that the best of the past is saved for the future so our children's children will be able to look back with pride and a clear understanding of the past. A past born out of the future each generation had hoped to give them.

Evidence of the past within our environment establishes a sense of time - of where we have been and where we are now. It provides the framework to shape our future. However while we seek to conserve and celebrate our heritage we must also acknowledge that issues such as growth and progress are also part of our culture and properly managed provide the heritage of tomorrow.

Sir Neil Cossons, Chairman of English Heritage, remarked on his recent trip to Christchurch that the key to preserving an attractive urban centre was to concentrate on design quality rather than whether a building was old or new stating there is no reason why new buildings and old buildings can't live together. He also noted the importance of a community's social history - the attachment people have to a specific heritage site, landscape or building.

This is why Heritage Week is so important to the city. It not only provides communities with the opportunity to celebrate particular, sites, landscapes, buildings and histories of significance, it also provides us with the opportunity to consider the importance of managing our heritage carefully for the future. We are after all only the guardians of our time.

This year's programme for Carter Group Heritage Week is a full and active one - it is extremely heartening to see just how many community organisations are participating in this celebration. I look forward to attending some of these exciting activities and wish you all well for a wonderful week of celebration.


This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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