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Carter Group Heritage Week - 13 to 20 October 2000

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Welcome to Carter Group Heritage Week
Messages from PM Helen Clark | Councillor Anna Crighton | Carter Group, Major Sponsor

The CathedralThe aim of Carter Group Heritage Week is to create an annual celebration of our heritage buildings and places by involving the people of Christchurch in a series of social, cultural and educational events, which focus on the value of the City’s built heritage.

The culture of a community is what makes it unique. It comprises a continuation of the natural physical elements and constructed landmarks, of personal memories and histories, of community attitudes and values. The elements which we choose to take into the future dictate our cultural landscapes.

This year’s Carter Group Heritage Week theme is Taking the Past into the Future. The theme provides a platform to discuss the City’s growth, from its early beginnings to latest developments geared to meeting the needs of the new millennium. Reuse of heritage buildings and new directions for the people, the City and its various services, including public transport, are explored.

Heritage Week is core funded by the Christchurch City Council with additional sponsorship from naming sponsor, the Carter Group, and The Community Trust.

Carter Group Heritage Week Information Centre
Food Hall area of the Crossing Complex, near the Colombo Street air-bridge. Open daily from Wednesday 11 October to Friday 20 October, 10am-4pm.

Ph 355-8899 or contact the Heritage Week co-ordinators:

Paul Collins
Tel: (03) 355-7794
Mobile: 025 331 085
Fax: (03) 355-7599
Jennie Hamilton
Tel: (03) 332-3254
Mobile 025 239 4934
Fax: (03) 332-3254

Special thanks to
John Dryden, Jenny May, Neil Carrie and William Fulton from the Environmental Policy and Planning Unit, Christchurch City Council, for their help in organising Carter Group Heritage Week.

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Foreword by Helen Clark
Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

Prime Minister Helen ClarkChristchurch’s architecture, set within a distinctive landscape of river-dissected plain and rugged hills, gives the City a special character. The spirit and vision of the people who came on the first four ships a century and a half ago lives on in the City’s Cathedral, the Arts Centre, and so many other heritage buildings.

Christchurch was spared the worst of the depredations visited by ’developers’ on many other central city areas during the 1980s, although it too has had its share of historic buildings destroyed.

Heritage Week plays an invaluable role in helping Christchurch people to think about and examine their heritage and history in new ways. I commend the organisers and sponsors on facilitating a remarkably wide range of activities.

The government’s commitment to preservation of heritage is a strong one. In May we announced a substantial contribution towards the construction of a new Christchurch Art Gallery. The new facility will continue the outstanding work of the Robert McDougall Art Gallery and enhance Christchurch’s reputation as a centre where ’heritage’, in its many forms, thrives.

Helen Clark
Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Message from Councillor Anna Crighton
Chair, Environmental Committee, Christchurch City Council

Councillor Anna CrightonThe forthcoming 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Canterbury Association’s first four ships in December this year has provided an opportunity which has encouraged many of us to explore our Maori and European past history. Examination of where we have come from allows us to consider our achievements, aspirations and also our failures; but most importantly it provides us with a foundation of knowledge which allows us to move forward with confidence, not only for the next 150 years, but into the new millennium.

Taking the Past into the Future, the theme of this year’s Heritage Week, has been chosen to allow the week to reflect on issues pertinent in today’s climate of debate over how we manage our heritage to ensure its retention for future generations. The programme for the week is an exciting one packed with a wide variety of events which cover the many aspects that comprise our cultural heritage. I look forward with great pleasure, as I am sure you do, to attending many of these events over the week.

Anna Crighton
Chair, Environmental Committee, Christchurch City Council

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Message from the Carter Group, major sponsor

Philip Carter of sponsors The Carter GroupThis is the second year that the Carter Group has sponsored Heritage Week in Christchurch. With our Head Office here, we enjoy the opportunity to give something valuable back to the City and its residents.

This year’s Heritage Week is cause for double celebration as we also mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of our City and province. I feel very lucky and privileged to live in a City that has such heritage to offer both residents and tourists alike. It is hard ensuring that examples of our past survive. I know it is a cliche but we do live in a fast moving world. It’s important that we don’t move so fast that we forget to take the time to ensure that we protect and preserve the irreplaceable before it is too late. To achieve this, we also need the vision to transport something from the past and incorporate it into the future. The Carter Group and the Council, through initiatives such as Heritage Week, are taking steps to ensure that in 50 or 100 years time we don’t regret the destruction of buildings and architecture that would have enhanced our City and provided us with a unique heritage.

One of the Carter Group’s main projects this year has been development of The Crossing complex, which includes the new bus exchange. Not only will the complex revolutionise public transport in Christchurch, it will provide a viable new use for distinctive old buildings. It also retains heritage facades in the City Mall and Lichfield Street, which contribute to the City’s special character.

Heritage Week is all about discovering something in the City that astounds you, that evokes memories and that makes you feel privileged to be a part of Christchurch. Enjoy Carter Group Heritage Week.

Philip Carter,
Managing Director, Carter Group

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