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24. 4. 2002

Report of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board
to the Council

A meeting of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board 
was held on Wednesday 3 April 2002 at 2pm

Present: Bob Todd (Chairperson), Erin Baker, Rod Cameron, David Cox, John Freeman, Yani Johanson, Linda Rutland and Brendan Smith.

An apology for absence was received and accepted from Denis O’Rourke.
Brendan Smith left at 3.30pm and was present for clauses 1, 4-5, 9-11 and 19-20.


Part A -
Part B -
Part C -
Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Reports for Information
Report on Delegated Decisions taken by the Committee
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Part A 1 Transfer of Land – Law Lane
Part A 2 Jubilee Street Extension
Part B 3 Deputations by Appointment
3.1 Chris Challies, Siting of Toilets in Godley Head
Part B 4 2001/2002 City Streets Roading Programme
Part B 5 Street Sweeping and Litter Collection
Part B 6 Parks and Waterways Capital Programme 2001/02
Part B 7 Siting of Toilet at Boulder Bay
Part B 8 Community Advocate’s Update
Part C 9 Confirmation of Reports
Part C 10 Correspondence
Part C 11 Project Early Charitable Trust
Part C 12 Hargood Street – No Stopping Restriction
Part C 13 Fitzgerald Avenue – Parking Restrictions
Part C 14 Duke Street – Parking Restriction
Part C 15 Ferry Road – Parking Restriction
Part C 16 Jubilee Street Extension
Part C 17 Hospital Exit – Oxford Terrace
Part C 18 Proposed New Right of Way Name
Part C 19 Resolution to Exclude the Public

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