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Riccarton/Wigram 2002 Edition
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Enhancement for local parks and waterways

Throughout the Riccarton and Wigram wards are many parks and reserves, which cater for both passive and active recreation.

Many urban and rural waterways together with large areas of rural wetlands (in the Wigram ward especially) are the subject of programmed enhancement and restoration projects.

Examples of capital works, as at 30 June 2001, listed below, show the diversity of sites within the Riccarton and Wigram wards where work is being undertaken through the Council's Parks and Waterways Unit:

  • Middleton Park, relevelling of playing fields.

  • Major reserve tree replacements, at Upper Riccarton Domain and Leslie Park.

  • Landscape treatments, at Carmen Reserve, Peer Street Reserve, Hillary Crescent Reserve, Shamrock Reserve, Denton Park (Kathleen Crescent), Denton Park frontage, Halswell Domain, Scott Park (Halswell), and Ruapuna Park.

  • Major plantings at Westmorland East Valley Reserve, and Westlake Park, Halswell.

  • Halswell Domain, where major property purchase has been secured to enable new sports grounds to be developed to meet increased community demand.

  • Halswell Quarry, where the development of the Sister Cities Garden Park continues, along with picnic areas and wetland areas.

  • Port Hills, continuing revegetation planting, information and interpretation signage etc.

  • New recreation facilities include an upgrade of the Templeton Domain skate facility and an upgrade of the similar facility on Wycola Park.

  • Playground renewals continue to be undertaken on a programmed schedule, throughout the wards, also.
  • Mona Vale, ongoing improvements.

  • Waterway plantings have occurred at Worsleys Valley Stream, Landsdowne Valley Stream.

  • Avon Tributary enhancement projects have been completed at Peer Street Reserve, Ilam Stream (Withells Road and Colina Street) and within the University of Canterbury campus.

  • Waterway/wetland projects of boardwalks, margin plantings, etc, have occurred at the Wigram Basin, Nottingham Stream, Knights Stream and within the Canterbury Agricultural Park Basin.

In the current financial year work will continue at Halswell Domain and the Quarry, with major developments scheduled at the Nga Puna Wai Reserve.

Other reserves within the Wigram ward have been identified for ongoing improvements. All these works will add to the opportunity for local communities to use and enjoy their parks and reserves.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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