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Christchurch City Council Community Plan
Riccarton/Wigram 2002 Edition
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Advocacy Team provides support

The Advocacy Team provides a support base for the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board, local residents’ groups, community groups, community centres and the local community.

The Riccarton/Wigram Advocacy Team’s members and their roles comprise:

Martin Maguire

Community Advocate

Phone: 941 6501

Team Leader, Advocacy Team, Riccarton/Wigram — providing leadership; resources; support to team.

Principal Adviser to the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board.

Ensure reports to the Community Board contain sufficient and relevant information so that the Community Board can make informed decisions and that agenda/minutes meet statutory requirements.

Facilitate the Community Board’s forward planning, community consultation and participation.

Building relationships, networks with the community, providing advice and support to groups.

Identifying opportunities for partnerships between the community and Community Board/Council — facilitate discussions within the community.

Roger Cave

Community Secretary

Phone: 941 6502

Supporting the Community Board and Committees by preparing agendas, briefing deputations to the Board and taking minutes. Actioning outcomes from the meeting and relaying their decisions. Providing advice to individuals and groups on community issues.

Angela Lee

Secretarial Services Officer

Phone: 941 6530

Providing administration support, information and assistance to elected members,Advocacy Team and other Council business units.

Providing the Riccarton/Wigram community with specialised services ie; publications, brochures, newsletters.

Managing the Board Room, taking bookings — organising formal and informal functions etc.

Penelope Goldstone And Denise Galloway

Community Development Advisers

Phone: 941 6535 (Penelope)
941 6536 (Denise)

Assisting community groups to set-up, helping with resourcing, management and establishing networks amongst community groups so as to facilitate processes leading to community development.

Advising the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board on community needs and assisting with the establishment of community relationships.

Janice Huddy

Assistant Community Adviser

Phone: 941 6532

Providing support to the Advocacy Team by assisting with community projects.

Administering and providing advice for the Riccarton/Wigram Community Funding Schemes (Hillary Sport and Community Development) and the Residents Group Fund.

Managing the Community Service Award Scheme and Youth Development Scheme.

Responsible for organising meetings, administration, and other activities associated with the running of liaison groups within the Riccarton/Wigram wards.

Advising and supporting community groups/residents.

Martin Julian

Community Technical Adviser

Phone: 941 6509

To provide help, advice and information of a Technical nature on matters to do with Bylaws, Roading, Refuse Disposal and Water to any who inquire.

Look after the internal maintenance of the Community Halls in our area and am the contact for graffiti problems locally.

Available to assist people in dealing with the council; i.e. gathering information and finding the right contacts for them.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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