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Christchurch City Council
Strategy and Finance Committee Agenda

Monday 18 February 2002
at 9.15am in the No 2 Committee Room, Civic Offices

Committee: Councillor Alister James (Chairman), The Mayor, Mr Garry Moore
Councillors Carole Anderton, Paddy Austin, Erin Baker, Graham Condon, Barry Corbett, Anna Crighton, Ishwar Ganda, Pat Harrow, Denis O'Rourke, Barbara Stewart and Ron Wright
Principal Adviser
Mike Richardson
Telephone: 941 8553
Fax: 941 8811
Committee Secretary
Julie Sadler
Telephone: 941 8438
Fax: 941 8696
Part A - Matters Requiring A Council Decision
Part B - Reports For Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions
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Part C



Part B


Deputations by Appointment 
Central Plains Water Enhancement Proposals 
(a) Dam Action Group Reservoir in Wairiri Valley 
(b) Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society

Part B


Central Plains Water Enhancement Steering Committee: Quarterly Report

Part A


Energy Efficiency Show Home

Part B


Protocol for Input of Standing Committees to Budget Scrutiny Reviews

Part A


Six Monthly Review of Financial Plan and Programme Implementation

Part A


Remission of Rates Families of Linwood Trust, 223a Linwood Avenue

Part A


Remission of Rates Freedom Clinic Trust, 160 Bowhill Road

Part A


Remission of Rates Shoreline Youth Trust, 25 Wakefield Avenue

Part A


Contaminated Soil Subcommittee

Part A


Orders for Supplies Exceeding 50% of Delegated Authority

Part A


Central Plains Water Enhancement Steering Committee 
- Approval and Funding For Project Continuation

Part C


Draft Council Submission on Local Government Bill

Part C


Resolution to Exclude the Public
15 Rating Sale

Part B 16 Supplementary Deputations by Appointment (Cont'd)
(c) Central Plains Water Enhancement Proposals
Part A 17 Supplementary Cental Plains Water Enhancement Steering Committee - Approval and Funding for Project Continuation
Part A 18 Supplementary Local Government Bill - Recommended Submissions
Part A 19 Supplementary Local Government Bill - City Council Submissions
Part A 20 Supplementary Christchurch City Council - Environment Canterbury Establishment of Joint Working Party
Part A 21 Supplementary Sister City New Zealand Annual Convention

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