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Annual Plan 2008/09

The Christchurch City Council adopted its Draft Annual Plan 2008/09 and amendments to its Long term Council Community Plan 2006-16 (LTCCP) at its meeting on 25 June 2008.

In adopting the Plan and amendments to the LTCCP, the Council has set the rates for the coming year and has committed the necessary funding for the new kerbside collection system.

Rates for residential properties will increase by an average 5.1% which includes the fixed annual charge for the kerbside system. The average increase for businesses is 8.34% plus an $82 fixed annual charge for the kerbside system where it operates.  For rural properties the average increase is 3.1% which includes the costs of the new collection system.

The system will be funded by a new uniform targeted rate for the three bin kerbside system; a 75% part charge for properties using an outlying depot-based service; user charges in the CBD; the balance funded by general rates.

The extension of the tram route has been approved with the adoption of the Plan.

The new route will extend beyond the existing circuit at the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace and travel south along Oxford Terrace before turning east at the City Mall. It will continue to Manchester Street where it will turn right, looping back along High Street, north into Colombo Street, linking up with the present route at the back of the Cathedral. For more about the tram route go to tram project information.

Capital works totalling $256 million have been approved in the Plan, up from a proposed $230.7 million reported in the draft. The increase is partly due to $1.1 million in Council community housing refurbishment and maintenance. The Council plans to refurbish 270 units in the 2008-09 year compared with 120 in the pervious year.

A number of fees and charges relating to Council-provided services have been changed both up and down, generally as a result of direct cost-recovery for the service.

The Council adoption of the Draft Annual Plan and amendments to the LTCCP follow three months of consultation, hearings and Council deliberations.

There were 537 submissions on the Plan and the LTCCP, and of those, 80 submitters, both individuals and organisations, were heard by the Council over a four day period.

A large number of the submissions related to the extension of the tram route and the variation to the City Mall plan to allow for the operation of trams.

Other proposals that attracted a number of submissions were rates, the capital works programme, the targeted rate for the new kerbside waste minimisation collection system, fees at early learning and recreation centres, and housing rent increases.


Changes to fees and charges approved in 2008/09 Annual Plan

Why has the Council increased its consent charges?

What about childcare facilities increased fees?

Trade waste charges?

Health Licensing fees?

Lyttelton Recreation Centre bookings?

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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